About Ruiandsion

Guangzhou Ruiandsion Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of LED lighting products for automotive,household,medical and industry.

In 2011, Founders of factory "Ruiandsion" worked as engineers in the biggest of halogen bulbs factory in China.In 2013, a handful of visionaries founded factory in Chinese "Ruiandsion" means “Forge ahead"  in the LED era under the strong support of local government. After 8 years, LED has became ubiquitous car lighting and highly-anticipated home lighting. With accumulated expertise and expansive capacity, today our factory sits firmly as the premier car LED lighting supplier in China. From 2011 to 2019 our products have been sold to more than 45 countries all over the world. To meet the needs of market and our factory, we adjust our strategy. In early 2018, our factory built first our brand - Ruiandsion in Amazon, Ebay,Aliexpress,Shopee, Walmart and our own website to sell our products to all Ruiandsion Loyal users. We support OEM,ODM, retail and wholesale,online and offline shopping. Ruiandsion becomes a popular brand in many countries, especially in China ,Germany, France, The Unite Kingdom , The United States,Australia,Netherland,Poland and Japan.The singular vision that has powered Ruiandsion from the beginning also contains insights into client-supplier relationship. Ruiandsion has always believed that, as led lighting expert, our goal is to "Provide lighting solution to warm your life" . That is why Ruiandsion has developed a unique "Co-Activation Service Model", working alongside clients as their partner, co-designing led lamp model, while perfecting quality control. Through such close-knit partnerships, Ruiandsion is able to truthfully gauge the diverse needs of our agents and clients, and in essence, satisfy every Ruiandsion partner's client.Today, the LED era is fast approaching full-bloom, and Ruiandsion is more equipped than ever to take on increasingly challenging feats, to help illuminate the world in a better light.

Ruiandsion has one brother brand"SOFOC", SOFOC means "Safty Only Focus on Customer" which reminds us to place customer's safty to first. We can rest assured only when the customer is safe. Ruiandsion more focus on LED bulb quality while sofoc more focus on lighting safty  guarantee. Ruiandsion products range including auto led bulb, household lamp, industrial bulb and  Medical bulb.Ruiandsion only focus on one thing: supply most suitable bulb to customer.Sofoc upholds provide lighting solutions, so Sofoc porducts range including Smart socket, row relay ,stroboscopic, power, controller, adapter decoder and so on. 

The goal and significance of our work is to meet customers' needs and solve their demands.On the way to the future, we are willing to go with you to witness our efforts and achievements.

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