• Ruiandsion BA5S LED Light Bulbs Instrument Light Indicator 12-22V White/Warm White

Ruiandsion BA5S LED Light Bulbs Instrument Light Indicator 12-22V White/Warm White

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Technical Parameter:
Color:White/Warm White,Output Current:0.01A@12V,Polarity:Bottom,Warranty:1 year

Introduction to BA5S Bulb: The BA5S bulb is a type of light bulb commonly used in indicator lights and instrument panel illumination in automotive applications. Featuring a bayonet base, it provides reliable lighting in these specific functionalities.


·Indicator Lights: BA5S bulbs serve as indicator lights in vehicles, signaling various functions such as turn signals, high beam indicators, and warning lights for engine issues.

·Instrument Panel Illumination: They are utilized to illuminate the instrument panel or dashboard, providing essential information to the driver, including speed, fuel level, and engine status.

Voltage12-22V Non-polarity
ChipCOB Chip*1
Output Current0.01A


White/Warm White


  1. Clear Visibility: BA5S bulbs offer clear and distinct illumination, ensuring that indicator signals and instrument readings are easily visible to the driver.
  2. Longevity: With a long lifespan, BA5S bulbs minimize the need for frequent replacement, enhancing the reliability of indicator and instrument panel lighting systems.
  3. Stability: These bulbs are designed to withstand the vibrations and shocks commonly experienced in automotive environments, maintaining stable performance over time.


    · A car's turn signal indicators utilize BA5S bulbs to alert nearby vehicles of lane changes or turns.

    · The high beam indicator on a motorcycle employs a BA5S bulb to notify the rider when the high beams are engaged.

    · The instrument cluster of a truck is illuminated by BA5S bulbs, providing vital information to the driver, such as speed, fuel level, and engine temperature.

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